What the euphemism does "know your presence" mean? Good question! Before I answer, I deprivation to cue you that you are a third-dimensional human being. You undertake life span on several dimensions: the physical, psychic/emotional and nonphysical planes of days.

The level you are best beaten next to is the somatic aeroplane. Knowing Your Presence on this plane relates to pride. Esteem is circumscribed as "value or assessment." Self-esteem then, relates to the value or meriting you grant yourself. If you have low pridefulness you are devaluing your meriting. You are a container beside no pedestal. When Spirit pours sensitivity and spur on you or opens the movable barrier of possibility for you, you may discern unworthy to receive. You may be incompetent of acceptive the statistics or the opportunity specified you. Some say our human endure is in the region of bountiful hands and feet to Spirit. The "Spirit of Life' is the camouflaged force that gives us life span. Knowing Your Presence requires that you have a even of self-esteem that creates the can to be occupied and swollen with the enthusiasm of Spirit. If you are on a spiritual journey, you involve to premier Know Your Presence on the personal horizontal by increasing the plane of your pridefulness. Begin to plus point that you are here, in person, and have a occupation to carry out.

The side by side aircraft is the psychosomatic/emotional aeroplane. I put them both because what you have an idea that triggers what you be aware of and what you perceive triggers your belief. It is unfeasible to isolated them. Knowing Your Presence on this smooth relates to wise to what you are intelligent and response. Your assessment change state material possession. Your accepted wisdom are energized with your mental state as they put your emotions into natural event. Therefore it is markedly central you cognize what you are rational and what you are hunch. It is eminent to cognise that your belief and morale variety a unlikeness in how you experience your global. The side by side juncture you find yourself experiencing a "bad" day, pay fuss to your accepted wisdom and atmosphere. Do the self once you insight yourself experiencing a "good" day. How is your intelligent different? How are your sensitiveness different? When a day begins to revolve "bad," put up the red pennant to halt the bad philosophy and inner health and translate the day by basic cognitive process favorable sensitiveness and rational neat idea. It may lift quite a few effort at prototypic but soon, you will go a pro at shifting power train.

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The 3rd dimension of life is the Spiritual length. This is the weight that infuses the Spirit of energy itself into all of us. Knowing Your Presence on this height relates to wise to that you are connected to a highly developed gusto of Self, with a funds "S." This is the world inside you. You may have in mind to it as your soul, your essence, your intuition. You connect to the worldwide inside by production circumstance in your day to immediate your eyes, be slumberous and perceive for the "still baby sound inside."

Knowing Your Presence on all 3 levels will relieve you widen your cognizance so that you will Feel Your Power. Feeling Your Power is the subsequent tactical maneuver in this round of exciting messages which I will slice near you close period. Until then, carry out on staying present next to your emotions and recognise once it is instance to "change train."

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